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This company have done great shows as KKNK, Mining Events for Anglo, Roos Festival, Randlespark Festival, Pretoria Festival, Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren, Leanie May, Freddy Nest, Oppi Plaas Festival, D.J gigs, School Plays, Year end functions, Weddings, Rio Casino resorts, AFL Cage Fighting, Okuk Kunstefees, Windpompfestival, Atkv, Groblersdalfestival, Cansa(Walk for life), Armandt Hofmeyr, and lots more. Furthermore we have also done bookings and sound for a lot of well known artist. We are equipped for any function that may be needed.

Music Bus
Music Bus
Music Bus
Music Bus


Johan van der Merwe Musiek is a leading events company across South Africa.

Johan van der Merwe Musiek has a proven track record of implementing and managing events. And we are supporting leading clients and have an unprecedented growth in the events industry.

A full scope of services are offered for a one stop shop and services are rendered for supplying of sound, staging, mobile bus stage, lighting, screens, artist, Pyro Technics, speed fencing, toilets, ticket rooms, security and sales.


About the Company

The objectives of this company are to provide the service in the events industry in a professional manner with the attention to give a problem free service.

Administrated and stationed in Orkney, North West Province its versatile management style is designed to compliment customer-specific requirements.
We believe that by keeping communication channels open and within the framework of our service provision, a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship will follow.

The company keeps focus on maintaining professional service and in this regard is managed by staff that have specialized training in the events industry.

Industry experience is inherited to the success of event management of a business and here we believe that the proof of the pudding will be in the tasting.

We do not prescribe to empty promises and our dedication will result in our service contracts being extended indefinitely.

Johan as artist is currently travelling around the country with other famous artist such as Steve Hofmeyr, doing all his pre-shows. Johan is currently busy with his 4th CD. He has joined hands with a lot of artist in making his projects work, and also supply sound to all artist and shows from the Cape province, Gauteng, Free-state, North-west, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Personal Touch

Providing the constant presence of our team we will provide professional service. This service conveys a message that our client will be happy at all times.

Supporting our company's endeavours are Johan van der Merwe ( Logistics and Owner ) , Stephanie van der Merwe (Manager and Finance) Bertus Roux (Engineer) Hennie Bardenhorst ( Company lawyer) Andile Mzaidume ( Labour Relations officer) Stephanie keeps constant contact with our clients and ensures that the customer satisfaction is adhered to at all times.

Legal aspects and advice regarding any contracts and legal matters are attended to by Hennie Bardenhorst.

Client Satisfaction

It is imperative to the growth of our company not that we are loyal to our clients but that we have earned the loyalty of our clients. Because we believe that loyalty is earned we deliver the quality of service that we have undertaken to provide. We subscribe to old fashion values of hard work, quality and open communication with our client and believe that these virtues will bring the resultant client satisfaction.

Service Agreement

A Quotation will be given of the needs the client requires. Then we and the client will enter into a written agreement in providing services needed.

Technical Rider

  • Yamaha DSR 118w (Bins)
  • Yamaha DSR 112 (Tops)
  • Yamaha DSR 215 (Tops)
  • Yamaha MG 166cx (Mixer)
  • Yamaha MSR 400 (Monitors)
  • Tascam cd/x1500Mp3 (Cd Player)
  • HP Laptop with X-Factor Lightning program
  • Macbookpro I7 Laptop (Show Exspress)
  • Chauvet Intimidator spot 250 (Movingheads)
  • Vox Valvetronic Kitaar Amp
  • Pevey Base Amp
  • Marshall JVM 900 with 1960 lead cab Guitar Amp
  • DI Boxes 5 Channels
  • Soundcraft LX2 24 channel (Mixer)
  • LS932channel Yamaha (Mixer)-Digital
  • O1V 16channel (Mixer)-Digital
  • Peavy (Mixer)
  • Chauvet Arena Hazer 2
  • Uniuqe Hazer (Strong Blow)
  • Chauvet Hurricane 1800 flex (Fogger)
  • Skytec (Fogger)
  • Chauvet F.A.L Followspot, stand and wheels
  • Martin followspot on wheels
  • Briteg db46 (Dimmerbars)
  • Chauvet BoB led lights
  • Versalight RGB led P64 Siver 10mm (Lights)
  • Shure sm 58 Wireless
  • Shure sm 58 Corded
  • Shure beta 58 Corded
  • Shure beta 57 Corded
  • Shennheiser Freeport headset
  • 3 phase Db box ( SABS) approved (63 Amp with search arrestors)
  • 3 phase cable
  • 3 phase plug-row
  • Snake Barrels
  • Mobile Bus Stage 7x7 Stage
  • 9x6 Stage with Roof
  • 6 X 3 Stage with Roof
  • Scaffolding
  • Loose Stage Blocks 1 x 2 metres
  • Supply of Life Feed Camera on Screens
  • Rear Projection Screens 2.4 x 1.8
  • Vivitek rear Screen Projectors
  • Trussing 3metres lengths
  • Pyro Technics (All Fireworks indoor/Outdoor)
  • Martin 101 Moving heads
  • Martin Aura Moving heads
  • Martin 350 Moving heads
  • 1 x 35 Kw Full Sound system
  • Contact Information

    Stef: 083 601 5904
    Natashia: 074 836 7762
    Bertus: 084 510 0776

    Office (018) 473 0668

    Fax (018) 473 1344